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Dear Friends
Happy Easter to you and all your family.
The Easter story is full of drama – hope, fear, scheming, conspiracy, heroism, betrayal, bravery and more. But it is so familiar that we can forget that the events of the first Easter changed the course of history forever.
Christians believe that those dramatic events on the cross and the empty tomb changed the relationship between us and God forever. That first Easter opened the door to heaven, hinged on the cross of Christ. The door is open to all who want to know more.
May I invite you and your family, whether you have a Christian faith or not, to come along to one of our events at St Luke’s to consider again the good news of Easter.  We look forward to welcoming you.
God bless
Dave (Vicar – St Luke’s Church)














Services and events at St Luke’s this Easter
Palm Sunday 9 April  8.00am, 9.15 & 11.00am; 6.30pm Church Services
Monday 10 April 8.00pm Holy Week Reflection
Tuesday 11 April 8.00pm Holy Week Reflection
Wednesday 12 April 8.00pm Holy Week Reflection
Maundy Thursday 13 April 8.00pm Holy Communion
Good Friday 14 April 10.00am


Walk of Witness (Town)

Hour at the Cross

Easter Saturday 15 April 6.00pm All Night Vigil (ages 8–15)
Easter Sunday 16 April 8.00am

9.15 & 11.00am


Holy Communion

All Age Communion

Holy Communion



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