Jan 092017

Natural Evangelism – Spring 2017

This is our Sunday morning teaching series early this year. It is based on the book by J.John of the same name: The Natural Evangelism Course – J.John (ISBN 978-0-9928399-5-6)

The course is 6 weeks long – we’ll do it on Sundays and give out questions. Inevitably there is too much in each week so we are encouraging Life Groups to follow it up during the week. It also ties in with JustOne in July, and continues the series on Spiritual Gifts. It also links well with “Reach The Challenge” which we will encourage people to do in Lent.

Session 5 will also be a good lead into the plans for practical things during Lent.

Date Title Readings
8th January 1.   Why Evangelism? Matthew 28:16-20 & 2 Cor 5:11-21
22nd January 2.   What Is The News? John 1:10-14 & Col 1:15-23
5th February 3.   Who To Evangelise John 4:4-30 & Acts 16:25-34
12th February 4.   This Is My Story James 1:1-5 & 1 Peter 3:8-18
5th March 5.   Demonstrating The News Luke 10:25-37 & Matthew 25:31-40
12th March 6.   The Power of Evangelism Acts 1:1-8 & Ephesians 6:10-20


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