Oct 062016


Chris Jones asks what our experience of church is like? Are we connected? Do we feel like a passenger, hopping on and off without actually connecting to anyone, or do we feel like we’re in a wagon train attached to those who we are travelling with?

Alpha. What’s it about and who’s it for?

Wendy unpacks what God has been saying to her: ‘I want you to honour and serve me in your weakness.

Dave Clarke talks about Identity Theft.

A Season of Invitation is upon us. Who might we invite to come with us to church and to what event? Light Party? Maasai Warriors? Light Club Cinema? Christmas Puddings? And others.

J.John is coming to St Luke’s to help us in evangelism training in mid-October.

Dave Middlebrook reflects on the effect of losing their deeply loved family dog Holly. Are we as pleased to see Jesus as He is to see us?


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