Feb 042015

Puddletown, 2015In this, the first issue in 2015, our children begin their preparations for a kids mission to Puddletown in Dorset and they ask for our prayers and support for this exciting adventure.

There are reflections from a variety of people that came along on our weekend away at High Leigh in Hoddesdon.

Dave Middlebrook explains our sermon series for the morning and evening services, Paradoxology and Becoming a Contagious Christian respectively.

We’re reminded that on the first Friday in March we mark the Women’s World Day of Prayer. This year St Luke’s is hosting the Women’s World Day of Prayer in Watford on Friday, 6th of March at 2pm. This is an event for both men and women to participate in. In preparation for this event there will be a Bible study looking at John 13:1-17 on Friday, 6th of February at 2pm.

Lent will soon be upon us beginning on February 18th. You are invited to the Pancake Light Club and to experience the Lent Labyrinth on Shrove Tuesday, Feb 17th. Jenny also provides a reflection on our motivations on giving things up for Lent. Finally, Dave sets out the services and activities that will be taking place at St Luke’s over Lent.

St Luke’s News, February 2015

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