Sep 032014

In this latest issue of St Luke’s News Dave Middlebrook reports on the recent mission trip to Malawi and recalls the tremendous faith of the people there despite their hardships.

Dave Scourfield reflects on the turning points of the year as Summer gives way to Autumn.

We look forward to a Season of Invitation where in the coming months there are great opportunities to invite our family, friends and neighbours to church, maybe for the very first time or perhaps to revisit after a period away. In this season there is Back to Church Sunday, Harvest, Remembrance, Advent (Christmas Starts) and Christmas. Who will you invite?

Finally, there is a very important announcement of the change to the pattern of Sunday services where the main 10am service will become 2 services, one at 9.15am and the other at 11am.

St Luke’s News, Sept 2014

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