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From Sunday, 5th of October there will be a change to the Sunday service times as follows:

8.00am Holy Communion or Morning Prayer Chapel
9.15am Morning Worship Church
11.00am Morning Worship Church
6.30pm Evening Worship Church


The 9.15am and 11am services will be identical in terms of content and the children and youth groups will meet during both services. Where “Special services” occur (e.g. Baptism, Parade) then there may be some variation between the two services.

There will be one service of Holy Communion per month at the 9.15am and 11am services.

Coffee after the 9.15am service will be served in the Church Hall.

The decision to move to 2 main morning services was taken by the PCC back in July following recommendations from Dave Middlebrook’s sabbatical looking at church growth which we have been discussing as a church for the last 18 months. The service pattern will be reviewed after 3 months, early in the new year.

Various measures have been introduced in the last year (e.g. Life Groups, Sat@StLukes, Changed PCC Structure, Changed role of the vicar ….) in response to these recommendations, and seeking to grow the church both numerically and spiritually. 

The need to move to two main morning services is based upon the widely held understanding that when “80% of the desirable seats in church are occupied you will not grow any further”. In addition anecdotal evidence shows that churches that have multiplied their main morning service, as well as taking other measures, have grown numerically and spiritually.

Speaking of this change, Dave Middlebrook says:

The move to two main morning services will not be easy, and will require sacrifice and hard work from all of us. It will also generate some feeling of uneasiness among some people, because change always does. It would be easier to remain as we are. However I firmly believe that God wants us to take risks and to seek to grow as a church, and as individuals. As indicated above two main services on their own will not bring about growth, however without this brave step then we are leaving in place a hindrance that will prevent growth.

Please do pray for this move and also for how you can help to support this new service pattern, as we still need volunteers to help with children’s work, youth work, warden and sidesperson duties, welcoRev. Dave Middlebrookme team, and more. Please also pray that this bold step will help to support our growth strategy for St Luke’s.


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