Jun 042013

It’s June, the sun has come out, Watford has warmed up a bit and the new edition of St Luke’s News is available!

In this issue Grace looks at “Ordinary Time” which is the longest period in the Church’s liturgical calendar. Dave Middlebrook explores the myths that surround the reasons people give for not volunteering for youth or children’s work. Peter & Brenda Tindale provide a wonderful tribute to Marie who worked for the resistance in France during World War II; and Stephen Massey asserts that angels are polishing daisies!

There is an important notice about our midweek Communion service moving from Wednesday to Tuesday at 9.30am.

And there are invitations to our annual Fathers’ Day Barbecue, Susie’s Frock Swap and the Summer Light Club events.

St Luke’s News, June 2013.

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